Monday, July 13, 2009

African American Christian Dating Tips

African American Christian Dating Tips

African American Christians are wonderful dates. They are funny, in touch with reality, and very passionate. That is, if you meet the right one because you might also date someone who is shy and awkward. Nevertheless, if you really want to know the secret about successful dating, the golden rule is to be interested in the person you’re dating.

Every one has a story, and if you take the time out to find out what your date’s story is, you will enjoy and even lose track of time. What makes African American Christians great dates is the fact that they can be very visual when they describe things, and when they talk, they have an amazing lilt to their voice that can enthrall anyone.

If you are looking for good African American Christian dating tips, here are a couple you should know.

  1. Respect your date - This means that during the date, give your date your attention. Avoid looking at other people in the room, or entertaining anyone without including your date in the conversation.

  1. Ask your date what he or she wants - Avoid assuming you know what your date wants to do. It could be a waste of time if your date’s expectations are different, and you find at the last hour.

Most dates fall under the same category of being honest, respectful, and courteous. If you can follow these three basic requirements, you don’t need African American Christian dating tips. You just need to be yourself.

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