Saturday, July 15, 2006

Christian Church Singles - How to Meet Others Wanting to Meet You

Many of today's Christian churches have a very special place in their congregation for single adults. Perhaps the happily married couples are dying to make sure that everyone is equally enjoying life with a loving companion or simply the church wants to reach out to the single individuals and help them find someone suitable. Either way, church can be a great place to meet other individuals looking for love too.
With this in mind, you may be wondering how Christian church singles can meet other individuals that are looking for them too. Well, in this article, we'll tell you how.

All Christians are beset by problems that test their faith. In the case of Christian church singles, this is usually about bad influences and not having someone to help you resist them. It's easier to go astray if you are single because you don't have always someone with you most of the time. Plus, you have less responsibilities and more money.

For this reason, Christian churches encourage singles to get together, in and out of church. They need the members who are single to have a support group or buddy to pull them back when the situation gets too tempting; or to push them forward when they need to assert their faith through acts or words.

If you are single, a Christian, and a member of a church, you will get a lot of chances to volunteer or suggest new ideas for socialization and outreach. You can target other single people in your network who you would like to reach out to in a casual, non-forceful way. If so, here are some suggestions to help you out.

Feed The Multitude

Just as Jesus fed the crowd, you too can go out and start organizing potlucks. You don't have to focus on feeding the poor, rather, concentrate on the poor in spirit.

Have Holiday Specials

Holidays are special times for families, but can be excruciating for single adults. Help them get through the holidays by getting together. Have shopping trips as a group or organize a gift giving party in an orphanage.

Organize a Book Club

Books are really a good source of information and today, there are so many novels and non-fiction books that talk about the Christian faith.

Try some of these out or come up with your own. You might even find your significant other along the way.

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